Zajil – Zajil Express Trading Company (L.L.C)
July 20, 2015
Kadi Shades
July 20, 2015

HatEx – Hate Express International Transportation Company

Hate Express International Transportation Company Our commitment to providing reliable and competitive transportation solutions has earned us a wide range of loyal customers. To facilitate our transportation network, Hatex offices and agents are available throughout the Kingdom. Hatex strength lies in our experience, capabilities and infrastructure permitting us to consistently provide seamless transportation services. Hatex maintains an extensive and dependable scheduled route structure allowing our customers to integrate transportation solutions within their logistics program. AN ENTREPRENEURSHIP WITH MORE THAN 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE In transportation business We offer flexibility by providing full container loads, consolidated less-than-container loads and specialized services for unusual or oversized shipments inside KSA. At Hatex providing transportation services is more than just the movement of goods. Our staff’s works closely with every customer to determine the most effective and efficient transportation solution. As a leading logistics provider, Hatex offers transportation services by land. Inside Saudi Arabia Our flexible routing solutions and our exceptional level of quality, reliability and efficiency, ensure that every shipment will arrive safe and on-time at its ultimate destination. We operate our own fleet of trucks, which includes 3 ton vehicles to standard, low and high bed trailers. Our proprietary Transport Management System provides with real time vehicle tracking, enabling you to know the whereabouts of your cargo at any time and be in full control of your business. Hatex moves around 2600 trip a month throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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