July 20, 2015

Kadi Agriculture

AL Kadi for Agriculture and Poultry Company Established in 1967 by its founder, Sheikh Bakr Abdullah Kadi god bless his soul, began a series of simple entities and integrated at the same time as the work began with a small feed plant in the region of Al kaim location not far from broiler farm and feed plant possibilities were enough to cover the need of the farm and also some customers farms who extended their dealings to the feed and broiler chicks production from limited capacity breeding plant in Taif. Development and growth was obsessed with management and the biggest concern, but it was not just the expansion of the work as it was a deliberate policy and a new concept of development based on analytical studies and precise calculation and the needs required by the market ,but waits to close a loophole strategy to help in an attempt to contribute to close the gap between the needs of the actual market and the national product that gap was closed by outside import so the company tried to close that gap by injecting a local cast product desirability and consumer acceptance. Therefore, the development processes, where there is a leading company that has produced an integrated poultry farms there are layer broiler, breeder broiler, feed plant, plant breeding was normal after the first professional start in 1967 to spin the wheel of development in all parts of the company and complete the activities that are absent and therefore began to work after a period of stability in the establishment of the first layer farm in the eastern area of AL HALAKA in TAIF city, Based in multi-storey wire cages in two phases of growth, production, and thus entered the company in the production of a practical table eggs, has been accompanied by the establishment of broiler farms in ABHA and then increase the capacity of plant breeding, Far-sighted vision of the founder God bless his soul on the establishment of two farms AL SAIL and RUKBA for the production of table eggs in the two farms complementary systems designed according to latest scientific methods and the highest level for the production of table eggs with a distinctive quality, With the population in AL HALAKA area in (TAIF) with requirements of public interest layer farm in AL HALAKA area has been canceled and there was the alternative largest and most technology in RUKBA in TAIF, where was held a layer farm newer and which provide with the highest levels of technology in the poultry industry in the production of table eggs in particular, and a production capacity of 720 Million eggs annually on an area of 1.2 sq km. Contains a multi-storey poultry barns with belt system for the collection of eggs and dry fertilizer, feed and automated combine for eggs. Grading and sorting station and the mobilization of eggs equipped with the latest fire protection systems with production a capacity of 100 thousand eggs per hour . Cooling warehouses storage area of 5500 square meters. Storage warehouses for production requirements. factory for the manufacture of poultry manure with 23 tons per day (8395 tons per year) without any chemical additives or thermal burn . Tower height of 25 meters to provide water pressure for the project. Mosque capacity of 200 worshipers. The greatest works start with dreams begin to see far-fetched, but transcend target and good planning and accurate accounts and dedicated work enough to achieve all the dreams .

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