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November 4, 2014
HatEx – Hate Express International Transportation Company
July 20, 2015

Zajil – Zajil Express Trading Company (L.L.C)

Zajil Express Trading (L.L.C.) is an icon of entrepreneurship in Saudi where it expanded its operations in transportation and logistics services to be considered among the leading companies in this space. Zajil Established in 1999 and its business focus on land transporting and shipping of goods and missions in Saudi Arabia with plans to expand within GCC in the near future. Zajil also provides Warehouse comprehensive solution. The company has been acquired by KGH in 2009 where the group made a strategic plan to grow and develop Zajil at all levels and in a vision to make it in par with the leading international players. In 2014, AlZamil Industrial Group acquired a strategic stake. Recently, as part of the directions to provide a comprehensive logistics services, Zajil acquired HAT International (HatEx) which is specialized in corporate (B2B) services. Network covers most of Saudi regions with 29 branches distributed among the most important cities with an objective of easing the access of its services to its clients through the sending and receiving of its parcels. Due to massive success in Saudi, we expanded in UAE with an office in Dubai and plan to expand and grow its operations in the GCC as a whole. Currently Al Zajil is covering mostly all the main areas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the 38 branches now, and it’s looking to open new branches in the near future in order to provide its services to the client and to help them expand their work cross the kingdom. Beside sending and receiving the shipments cross the kingdom, Al Zajil providing a delivery service to its clients. Due to the huge success in the kingdom, The Company headed to expand her network and provide Express services to its customers, and opened a branch in Dubai – UAE, and the customers now can ship and receive shipments to and from Saudi Arabia or UAE. The company hopes to expand the network to cover the Arabic gulf countries as soon as possible. Mission and Purpose To be recognized as the fastest and most economical transportation partner. And to cover every city and town in the kingdom. The strategy and Goals The first goal of Zajil is to enhance and boost the economy of Saudi Arabia. As transportation and shipping are the main way to connect the kingdom’s regions and cities to each other and the world, Zajil, after being acquired by Kadi Group Holding, has expanded and enlarge its operations and presence from 10 to 40 branches in 38 cities around the Kingdom. The aim to support the national goal, which is directed by the Ministry of Labor, to employ and invest in the Saudi human capital is one of Zajil goals. Zajil is always working on reshaping its fleet and organizing its operations to fit the current market status to achieve the maximum under this competitive field. The company is to expand its operations to more international locations around the world. Zajil is always working on the development of the operation activities and the methods of providing the service to reach the maximum level of technology and professionalism to provide the best and advanced service.

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